Most (good) servers have some sort of niche, such as an RPG like PIL, Clan, like ATQ, or Chat, like Hell's Flames. But Scripter's Hideout was based on one thing: Scripts, and lots of 'em. And lots of them are useless, which led to him being refered to as wandering mailman for being the only guy who would be lame enough to have a mail script.

It's a boy!

Starting in late summer of '07, a regular from HF, Wandering Scripter(Referred to as WS), started his own server, due to the epic amounts of drama in HF, with Rayquaza X, Lyric, and some emo nab named Gaby. With just 300 lines of script, and 3 wannabe scripters, WS

Where the scripts started

Oddly enough WS started scripting because of curiosity, and the extreme want of a simple sendall script. After posting like crazy on the official NB forums (that later was destroyed by an unknown person) with no avail, he wandered into Chrise's server(At the time, Neko) under the name umby, still searching for the sendall script, when he ran into a person names Lycos

Where the faggotry started?

Somehow TJ got the WS forum url and we laughed at WS for having some kind of Userbar that said FROSTBOT4 USER which led to koga making the DS4 USER ;) userbar for lols and trolls.