The Aegis Plan is a strategy to nullify and neutralize most crashing methods used by botters and Steve's NetBattle users on the game NetBattle as a tyranny against people who are powerless. The plan belongs to the NetBattle Three and is being managed by Full Metal Kirby, Icy, and mainly being corrected by Celebi/Lumine.

Why Aegis Plan?

Many NetBattle users are indeed fed up of their servers being crashed constantly by, mostly, people that Steve has chosen to have access to Steve's NetBattle, a all-in-one SpamBot program that is a copy of the original, DeathScythe, which was created by Athrun Zala aka TeamRocket Marth, creator of the second Team Rocket clan. Such SNB users cause tyranny, just because the server is bad in their personal views, and end up either crashing it, bossing regulars in the server around, or registry banning it.

As once endorsed by Cel, all NetBattle users [except the pretty mighty common brs and randoms] are to be treated like everyone else, not to be pushed around with people with power. This was always the NNN's goal; no matter how destructive the outcome was. The Aegis Plan intends to do things as non destructively as possible; while delivering proper enjoyment people can have while enjoying the last of NetBattle's days. However, no promises are made on trying not to be destructive at all, in Icy's own words, 'Our goal will be met, no matter the cost.'

Aegis Plan's origins and methods

The Aegis Plan will consist of, as stated before, protecting people and server owners against tyranny from haywire SNB users or the like. While it is already in the works, no more information can be disclosed at this time.

The NNN is currently working towards the plan.


The Aegis Plan will obviously be looked down upon people who enjoy the type of tyranny the Aegis Plan is trying to stop. The Aegis Plan also intends to reach the plan's word throughout NetBattle to get people who do this kind of stuff to stop. While the plan does not want to involve any brute force, it will deal with most minor threats accordingly.


The Aegis Plan has not been deployed yet, as it's only been thought of just recently. The Aegis Plan intends to launch in 2 weeks.